Teaching Overview

I regularly teach courses at all undergraduate levels.  Besides communicating the material specific to the course, I always aim to explain how the course fits into mathematics as a whole.  I insist that students be able to do specific problems and work out their own examples, as these are essential stepping stones to higher theoretical understanding.  Similarly, I emphasize good mathematical writing as an essential part of the material be learned.  I model a positive enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics, and emphasize the important role mathematics plays in the modern world.  

Some of the courses I have taught at UMM are Precalculus I and II, Survey of Calculus, Calculus I and II, Mathematical Perspectives, History of Mathematics, Game Theory, Abstract Algebra I and II, and Number Theory.  I also supervise several students in their senior seminars per year. All offerings of my number theory course and about half the senior seminars make contact with my research.  

Current Courses

This fall I am teaching History of Mathematics, Real Analysis I, and PreCalculus II: Trigonometry. 

Past Courses

 A list of courses taught since 1986. 

Senior Seminars

A list of senior seminars supervised since 1999.