Senior Seminars


2017 - 2018

Logan Brion

Emily Schaeffer

Shenning Zhag

Conjugacy classes in groups

Pollard's p-1 and Pollard's rho

Prime Races


2016 - 2017

Austin Keller

Jinhyung Kim

Frobenius Coin Problem 

Riemann zeros


2014 - 2015

Emily Auch

Sae Sun Kim

Sean Stockholm

Bernoulli numbers and Faulhaber’s formula

Dessins d’enfants

Visualizing quadratic forms


2013 - 2014

Peter Ehlers

Zeyun Lin

Solutions to Schrodinger's equation for a trapezoidal well

Gauss sums as random walks


2011 - 2012

Jared Chang

Christine Hoffman

Thomas Mohr

Karl Schliep

Random polynomials

Finding Galois groups by maximal subgroup elimination

Convergence rate of Robinson's game theory algorithm

The hydrogen atom


2010 - 2011

Tony Bjorkland

Nate Christensen

Chad Seibert

Prime certification

Colossally abundant numbers

The quadratic sieve


2009 - 2010

Joy Heysse

Danielle Schatschneider

Melissa Helgeson

Yue Li

Aliquot sequences

Random power law graphs

ElGamal encryption

ESSes in random games


2008 - 2009

Kevin Scharber

Continued fractions


2007 - 2008

Nicole Gallagher

Jason Eckert

The game of Hex

The Mandelbrot set


2006 - 2007

Rachel Carlson

Zach Juhnke

Vibonacci numbers

The prisoner's dilemma


2004 - 2005

Lisa Holloway

Ben Peterson

Congruent numbers

A factoring algorithm


2003 - 2004

Eric Hansen

Susie Hanson

Stacy Nordgren

Amanda Quammen

Dan Wespetal

Colossally abundant numbers

Iterating x2+c

Game theory

Intertwining of eigenvalues

Approximating pi


2002 - 2003

Shawna Beaudry

Jessi Gurr

Joanie Lofgren

Pascal's triangle with entries from groups

The 3x+1 problem

The Fourier series of the Devil's staircase


2001 - 2002

Jeff Nelson

Jason Smith

Chad Ollestad

Chris Esterly

Hyung Kim

Stieltjes polynomials 

RSA Encryption

Eigenvalues of graphs

Random Graphs

Spanning trees and determinants


2000 - 2001

Greg Perry

GCD and factorization


1999 - 2000

Dominic Popowski

Error correcting codes